DDS Central weblog was started in May, 2008 as a Blogger weblog self hosted in my own system. Due to speed and connectivity issues, the blog soon was moved to a real web host.
In May, 2010, two years since I started this blog, it was moved to WordPress platform, mainly due to Google’s decision to abandon FTP support for Blogger.
In September, 2010 the blog was moved to a new, second level domain.
As the title says, this blog is mainly about technology (computer technology, to be exact). This blog is about computers & technology in my life.
I use a lot of computer terminology in this blog, so if you are not like me, you might have trouble understanding what I write here.
Feel free to ask questions in comments (not here, in posts) or by email, just please, NO stupid questions, flame, spam or other junk.
I’m a bit lazy to make a proper About page. If you want to find out more about me, feel free to email me.

Email: dds[alpha]
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