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Update: Early version of LAC* is in the server along with source files. You can use and modify if you want, but you may NOT claim that you created LAC (!!!) or distribute this project (!!!). This version of LAC is for personal use only.

LAC can be found here or here but please note, that current version will allow you to play the game, but not more. The options dialog does not work yet. Will finish LAC later when I will have more time.

* – Lucky Aces

P.S. Note our old nice logo ūüôā And, our new host does not allow hotlinking. Use mirror2 as a hotlink if you want to send the link to someone.

Some news:

CardDef project has been updated. The old installer for the sticks game can be found here or here. Two new games are being added to the project and creation of the third one will soon be started when projects LAC (Lucky Aces) and Project3 are finished.

Project3 2.0rel can be found here or here. Will upload LAC tech release soon, because it’s kinda buggy now and not ready for publishing yet…

Some news

Was playing a little C&C3 today. Will return to playing after posting this. Not much going on DDS Central these days. We got some old unused hardware, maybe that will be useful to build a small FTP server, but
some hardware is as old as Socket 7, so a lot of computer parts will probably be going to the trashcan. Will post some pics later.
P.S. Anybody needs a Pentium 1 cpu, or some SIMM, PC100, PC133 RAM sticks ? Maybe¬†you¬†need an old¬†Slot¬†1¬†or¬†Socket¬†7 mobo ūüôā ?

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