Whoa! first post for 2010.

Some PC news.
I’ve reinstalled the heatsink properly using thermal grease.
Darn. That northbridge chip gets really hot. About 71C when loaded, 62C idle.

The chipset temperature seemed a bit too high for me, so I’ve sent the system to the shop (the same shop, where I buy most of my PC related stuff) for testing. They did not find any problems and said that it’s normal for the northbridge to be that hot.
Well, I will try loading the system and see if it remains stable. If it is unstable, I will probably RMA the motherboard.

Also, I have another PC that needs fixing. That PC has a bad (and crappy) power supply and a bad video card with blown capacitors (Club3D GF6600LE PCI-E).
I will either send the card for repair (the shop where I buy PC parts offers re-cap services) or replace it (the system owner will decide).