Archive for December, 2008

Oh, I love winter holidays. They’re also a good chance to buy something new (this time – for my PC).
Will add an additional 500GB or 750GB hard disk to stop these annoying “Low disk space” messages from appearing. I’m running out of things to delete.
That’s all for now.
Will update the blog during holidays.

Virtualization again !

Found a nice way to make those uber large (and not so large) applications portable. ThinApp is a nice solution for making applications portable. Too bad it doesn’t support apps using their own drivers.
I need to make a little program in Maple (large math tool suite), but I dunno if my program will work on a very old version of Maple, on which I’m supposed to test/demonstrate it, so I made Maple portable. Now it can run directly from my USB flash in case if I need it. The funny thing that Maple is about 600meg in size when installed, portable version is only 167meg.
Maybe I will also make my good old Delphi 5 IDE portable, if possible.
Ok, I’m will need a laptop in the future… Because I need to run these all apps somewhere…

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