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Update and some PC news.

Well, at least I found some time to update my blog.
Installed Win 7 beta to my old secondary PC (Athlon 2.1G, 1GB ram, Radeon 9550 agp) and it runs fine, not as fast as XP, but fine. I like it. Has all features found in Vista (even more, there’s dx11, too bad I can’t use it), but uses less memory and runs great even on my older secondary PC.
But the video started misbehaving when I tried to play 3d games today. It’s strange because these games worked fine on Win 7 when I last played them.
I hope this is not hardware related. I don’t want to spend any more money for upgrading that old PC.
I don’t want to make a long story out of this post, so that’s all for now. email died

Ok, our email service is now “one way”. SMTP dead (got to work once, but it seems to either not respond at all or do it REALLY slow, like if it’s overloaded), POP3 seems okay (but VERY slow to respond too). So we can only receive and can not send.
Created a free domain,, added email using hotmail MX server.
It seems that servers are crappy as an email solution.
Our new email address looks the same except instead of
P.S.: I got a legit notification about winning something on some website. Checked the site, found out that the mail was most likely legit. It requested some of my contact info (eg. nickname, email). Tried to reply with that info but it seems that webspace smtp refused to work so my mail did not arrive on time.
I think I’ve had enough of their crappy email service.
I’m going to switch to out email which uses hotmail MX servers. It does not have SMTP but I do not have to worry that emails I try to send will not be sent.
P.S.: Win7 beta still offline.

Long night tonight…

Ok, I might have to stay online for the whole night tonight because of the following:
MS released a public beta for Windows 7.
But due to server overloads, Beta is offline.
I migh have to stay online for the whole night to get the beta key.
Can’t wait to try out the new Windows. I wonder if it’s possible to get 2 working keys… (I need one copy for VMWare and maybe one to run directly on hardware).
Maybe will post an update tomorrow if there are any news.

Bought myself a 640 GB harddrive for my PC (I now have ~2TB space) and 8GB flash for my Sansa MP3. As always, was too lazy to update this blog.
Nothing too special about Christmas holidays. They were good.
The new year party was really good. Lot of fireworks as always.
I’m too tired to type so I’m going to bed. It’s 5:19am now… (GMT+2)
Happy new year 2009 everyone !!! (jeez, how fast time flows)

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