Sorry for the recent instability of Zebra and Raspis servers. There was a blackout in Zebra location twice yesterday. With a spectacular blinking lightshow before the first blackout (nearby HV transformer literally caught fire !). Thankfully, nothing was fried.

Today there’s something going on in Raspis location (which has been recently upgraded, more on that later) and now it has gone down. Will update on that in a separate post.

Again, I’m really sorry for instability. Unfortunately, there are things that are outside of my control.

BTW, Happy new year. Better late than never. No new year’s post this year, sorry.

I will post a news update soon. There have been a lot of changes since my last update post and an update is long overdue.

UPDATE: Raspis came back online. The system was rebooted, so it was likely a power failure. This time in another location.