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Back home.

Finally back home after a 10 day holliday.
And found out why my system does not want to turn on sometimes.
I didn’t plug in the sata cable of one of my hdds properly. I wonder how the hell it would sometimes work with badly connected cable.
I fixed the cable problem by plugging it in properly, now the disk works.
Bye for now.

Update !

Got my hardware yesterday. Installed, all works ok, but had a little trouble installing xp64 (had to leave only 1 hdd connected or it won’t install). Now I must have messed up something with those connectors and that hdd sometimes does not appear or takes too long to init. (it worked ok previously).
But I have know a working dualboot with Vista64/XP64. Had to reinstall bootloader because xp64 setup uninstalled it.
Installed antivirus on XP64 install. What I don’t like abuot it is that it scans every new program run. This is kinda slow, it could be faster.
Now I’ve got 1 GB DDR2 800 CL5 ram kit (2x512MB) unused. Will sell it maybe.
Ok, that’s all.

Where the hell is my order ?!

Just wanted to update.
I mentioned two posts earlier about our hardware update. I was thinking I would get the parts on tuesday, but I didn’t. I didn’t get them today either. I think I will start complaining if they will not send me my parts tomorrow.
I need to have these parts by friday. I’m not waiting another weekend !
The time here is 1.00AM so going to bed now.
Will update maybe tomorrow if I get the parts.

Blog website updated.

Updated this website a little bit. Restored our old logo. Got rid of that “powered by blogger” button and replaced it with a ticker from a giveaway website offering paid software for free for a limited time (not pirated, all legal just it’s for personal use only). Had to reposition some things on the blog site because the ticker was too large. Had to experiment with css to make the site look the way I want (I’m far away from being a css master but the site looks ok, at least for me).
That’s all, will update shortly.

Hardware & Software Update !

Ordered some more ram for my system and some older type ram for my ancient DDS Star PC. Ordered Kaspersky AV because some friends bring their flash keys infected with various viruses (my XP install was ruined by a single virus inside a flash drive), so I decided to rather invest in some AV than keep reinstalling xp every time it is infected.
Also got a free usb charger for my Sansa player as a gift (for bonus points).
OK, that’s all for know.
Will update when I will not forget to update :).
P.S. Our specs now: 1.3TB diskspace (820GB inside+500GB outside), a Quadcore CPU (Intel q6600 B3 @ 2.6Ghz), a oc’ed 8800GTX and 6GB kingston ram (+3GB, not yet installed, so for now just 3GB)

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