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Hosting my own DNS server.

Experimenting with win2003, created my own DNS (running in a virtual machine) and it works.
So now i’ve got my own tld: *.dds. Mapped my IPTV channel IPs so I do not have to remember them.
(for example, mapped Discovery channel to, so I do not have to remember and 85 other IPTV channel IPs, which now have names)
Created some virtual hosts, they all work.
Well, I use and work with PCs since 1999 but this is my first experience using a real server OS. DNS works in my secondary PC too.
Well, I’m not saying that I really need a DNS, but having my own domains in LAN
without having to edit hosts file in every network computer is nice.
I had one big problem: after installing win2003, IPTV stopped working in my virtual machines (it does that sometimes, I don’t know why. Unplugging&plugging back utp cables sometimes solves the problem, sometimes a restart is required, sometimes I need to restart host PC).
Spent a few hours trying to fix it without success, then restarted host PC and IPTV started working again! If all problems could be fixed so easily… 🙂

Update, at last !

It was long since I updated this blog.
Some new things: I installed linux-based firmware to my router because original linksys one was a POS (if I wanted to listed to internet radio for longer time, the router would freeze completely requiring a power-reset, also it was freezing randomly without any reason, disabling internet access completely).
It is much more stable and running for 10 days without any problems (freezes, loss of internet and similar). IPTV also works without any problems.
Well, nothing else to say.

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