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Raspis will be moved today

Raspis server will be moved to a new location today, expect downtime until everything is set up and the IP is updated.
Sorry for inconvenience.

UPDATE: Internet service at new location is not yet active, server move postponed until tomorrow.

UPDATE Sep. 20th: Server will be moved today. Hosts will be updated when the move is finished.
UPDATE Sep. 20th 6:45 PM EEST: Move is finished. Server back online and all hosts have been updated with new IP address.

Zebra downtime

Zebra server was down yesterday due to Ubuntu 18.04 update installing a buggy kernel which caused my primary network card to stop working. After spending several hours trying to figure why I can’t get an IP from my ISP, I’ve decided to switch back to my previous kernel. This fixed the problem.
It seems Ubuntu’s 4.15.0-33 kernel has issues with Realtek NICs. Strangely my other two NICs (both based on the same chip as the main one) were not affected.

More downtime is to be expected as I will be moving the server’s root filesystem to an SSD, probably tonight.

Zebra server was knocked offline by a power failure.
Power surge did take a victim as well – server’s power supply, a custom Dell OEM Lite-On model* got it’s standby circuit fried. It now only reads 2.5v (instead of 5v) when connected to mainboard. PSU does turn on without load but not with a mainboard connected. Sad. This was a good PSU, well made and very silent.
Well, at least the rest of the hardware seems intact.
I’ve temporarily installed an old 230W Hipro from an IBM Thinkcentre as a replacement. Won’t use it as a permanent replacement though, because the fan is way too loud.

Will have to go emergency PSU shopping.

EDIT: August 31st, 2018. One of servers hard drives started going south. It’s not the root FS drive, but since most of my servers 12 HDDs are of comparable age (except maybe for an 250 GB 3.5″ Samsung which is much older than the others) I have decided to get a cheap PCI-E x2 M.2 SSD and move my Linux root FS out of magnetic storage.

As for the new PSU, I’ve bought an 430W Seasonic S12II. It’s rating is overkill for my needs, but it’s dead silent, well built and has enough plugs to power my 8 SATA drives (other 4 HDDs are connected via USB. 2 internal and 2 external) without the need of any cable splitters or wiring mods.

* – my server is not a Dell, only the PSU was.

Raspis server move

I will be moving Raspis server to a new location soon. I have not decided on a date yet, but it will probably be next week.
Will keep you updated.

Raspis maintenance

Raspis server is undergoing maintenance. Service disruptions are possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Old Raspis domain ( was temporarily unavailable due to Dyn updating the wrong DNS record (I use Dyn for DNS back-end hosts). Now it’s fixed.

For the good news, I’ve got some new builds of AndEx and RaspAnd. Some of you were asking for them. I will have them uploaded soon.

Zebra server is down due to power issues. Will update.
UPDATE: back up.

May 14th, 4.00 PM EEST: Raspis is down again, reason unknown. Hope it’s just the ISP. All was working fine an hour ago.
May 14th, 6.00 PM EEST: Back online. Downtime probably caused by a power issue.

Raspis server is having serious issues. Will keep you updated here.

April 16th, 12:40 PM EEST: Raspis is down, probably another software crash. I’m working to get it fixed. Will update where there are any news. Sorry for the inconvenience.
If you need any stuff from Raspis, let me know, dds[alpha]

April 16th, 8:50 PM EEST: back online.
April 17th, 1:15 AM: down again, WTF ?
April 17th, 4:10 PM: back online. Added a script to check connectivity every 10 min. This should help avoid downtime (update: it didn’t).
April 17th, 8:00 PM: This thing is trolling me. Months of absolutely no issues and now it works like s**t, crashing and rebooting like every 2 hours. I’m terribly sorry folks 🙁
I’m doing the best I can to fix this, yet it seems that’s not enough. This makes me feel like an absolute and total CRAP.
Will try to put up a mirror of Raspis public downloads on Zebra.
I promise to work harder tomorrow to finally figure out what the devil is going on with than server and return it to stable operation again.
April 17th, 10:00 PM: It came back online. By itself. What the f***. Will keep the server as is until I can have a look at at (physically) tomorrow.

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