Ordered some more ram for my system and some older type ram for my ancient DDS Star PC. Ordered Kaspersky AV because some friends bring their flash keys infected with various viruses (my XP install was ruined by a single virus inside a flash drive), so I decided to rather invest in some AV than keep reinstalling xp every time it is infected.
Also got a free usb charger for my Sansa player as a gift (for bonus points).
OK, that’s all for know.
Will update when I will not forget to update :).
P.S. Our specs now: 1.3TB diskspace (820GB inside+500GB outside), a Quadcore CPU (Intel q6600 B3 @ 2.6Ghz), a oc’ed 8800GTX and 6GB kingston ram (+3GB, not yet installed, so for now just 3GB)