I forgot to say, I’ve bought a USB based charger Energizer Duo. It works as expected, but the driver is buggy. The clock sometimes shows crap. I tried to recharge (well, not completely recharge) 2 GP 2100mAh AA cells, the charger overcharged them, so they got hot as hell (and the clock was showing 1:40 left !). It charged 2 included enegizer 800mAh AAA cells wayy longer than 2h as was promised on the package.
I connected the charger to a powered hub, now the batteries recharge faster. It seems that the usb port in my pc doesn’t have enough juice to charge batteries faster.
The charger also works with my wall USB charger and car 12V to 5V USB charger.

I also bought a blinkie a few months ago. I now found a better use for it. I now use it as a decoration for my secondary monitor (the one virtual PC uses). The blinkie uses 3xAA cells which keep running out after a few days. I connected the blinkie to my second USB wall charger and the blinkie worked (the charger dropped voltage to 4.35V). I had to add a variable resistor to avoid overloading the blinkie as it was too bright. I made an usb plug for the blinkie from an old usb cable. I’ve tested and the blinkie works with computer usb ports too as the blinkie is LED based and default 100mA juice from usbport is enough for it.

One bad new: my phone’s lcd broke and the warranty is void. I will now have to pay for the repairs.