A not so small update:
We have a new address: http://www.ddscentral.net.tc and my contact email is dds[alpha]ddscentral.net.tc.
Some other news:
Our virtual PC keeps crashing due to recent VMWare update (bugs, bugs, bugs…) always due to problem in usb driver. Waiting for the fix, but VPC is still usable, it crashes rarely, but these crashes are annoying as I have to reboot it (I could just let it restart instead of showing a BSOD, but it hangs on boot then)
Second: remote access to ddscentral.ath.cx has died due to lack of bandwidth. Please do not visit this site. Also, do not hotlink files through our new domain, this doesn’t work due to our host restrictons.
P.S.: I guess you know what [alpha] means, as I do not want spam to my website mail.