Experimenting with win2003, created my own DNS (running in a virtual machine) and it works.
So now i’ve got my own tld: *.dds. Mapped my IPTV channel IPs so I do not have to remember them.
(for example, mapped Discovery channel to discovery.iptv.dds, so I do not have to remember and 85 other IPTV channel IPs, which now have names)
Created some virtual hosts, they all work.
Well, I use and work with PCs since 1999 but this is my first experience using a real server OS. DNS works in my secondary PC too.
Well, I’m not saying that I really need a DNS, but having my own domains in LAN
without having to edit hosts file in every network computer is nice.
I had one big problem: after installing win2003, IPTV stopped working in my virtual machines (it does that sometimes, I don’t know why. Unplugging&plugging back utp cables sometimes solves the problem, sometimes a restart is required, sometimes I need to restart host PC).
Spent a few hours trying to fix it without success, then restarted host PC and IPTV started working again! If all problems could be fixed so easily… 🙂