Yes, it’s 3:30 am now here, where I live (my gmail account timezone is incorrect)
Haven’t updated my blog for a while, so today I decided to update it.
Trying to get a binary number (of any length, stored in two files, result in file) XOR program in macro assembler. Not that easy as doing the same thing with C, C++ or Delphi. I am supposed to do the task using Turbo Asm, but that would be a programmer’s nightmare (raw assembly, ancient CPU architecture (circa 1989, my old unused Mendocino CPU from 1999 is 10 years newer), so I switched to Masm32. Almost finished, hope it will work.
Also made a small program to open IPTV from my browser. Just enter channel address and VLC will fire up and view my IPTV.
Also installed a bunch of things in one person’s laptop and got rewarded for that.
Also, maybe I found a way to get things shipped to me from USA. Some PC parts are cheaper there. I wonder how much the shipping would cost…
Will try to update this site in december.