I’ve had an unused old Pentium 4 processor salvaged from a dead motherboard (bad capacitors) for a while. The processor was the only useful part of that dead system.
I have no socket 478 board to test the processor. I’ve found one board which would work with my old Pentium 4 CPU. This board also has DDR2, so I have 1GB RAM for it (removed from my PC, replaced by 2x2GB modules), PCI-EX slot and onboard video (so videocard not required). That would be a nice office system to replace the uber-old Celeron 600mhz based PC (That will most likely be converted to a small server).
However, I can’t buy any hardware until I know that the CPU is not trash (bad capacitors on motherboards often kill CPU). I hope it is not. It’s old, but it is more than enough for office PC.
I will probably find a board to test that CPU, wait for more blog updates.
OK, enough for now.