Haven’t noticed that, but it seems that our email provider (hotmail) now has free SMTP and POP3 available.
Thanks to that, we can get emails quicker, without having to go to live mail website.
Now text-only mails work fine too, and no ads or links are added to them.
Along with free MX, Hotmail has become a great service, much better than the crappy webspace.de one we were using.

Ok, now the Update part. I bought a new DVD burner, to replace a DVD/CD-RW combo drive (which is already 5 years old), new drive works well.
The IDE-SATA HDD to USB cable (package with everything that was it it) was returned to the shop for a replacement. Haven’t got a reply yet, I hope it arrives in 1-2 days.
I don’t think I will use the included PSU much, because most of those cheap ass supplies bundled with connectors are crappy. They do work (for a while), but I want them not to only work, but to work reliably (eg. to not smoke or explode after just a few uses) and cause no damage do the drives they are powering.
I have an old (circa. 1996) 100W supply that works well powering the HDDs I used with this connector. But it’s too big to carry around just to power a single drive.
Ok, that’s all for today.