At last received my USB to IDE+SATA cable back, but still have no PSU for it. The shop gave me a 50% discount because of missing power supply.
So I still have to use that 13 year old Delta 100W PC supply to power my drives
Hooked up the cable to an old LiteOn CDRW and it worked like a charm, too bad the speed was reduced to USB 1.1 (due to crappy usb hub unable to operate at 2.0 speed with low speed devices connected). I will use that CDRW to play my MP3 CDs on my VPC without having to got to my main PC every time I want to insert a new CD. Too bad my music player with USB port does not know how to read ISO9660 or UDF.
Also, found the OEM of that adapter cable: it is JMicron JM20337. Not much info about it, except that it is known to cause data corruption in SATA mode under *x OSes.

P.S.: I need to remember to post here more often.