The secondary monitor I used for my second virtualized PC died (it is a 19″ LG widescreen LCD). It was turned off and now it would not turn back on. It seems that there’s no power at all (I’m suspecting a dead power supply board). The good thing is that the LCD is still under warranty, so I will RMA it.
But my second virtualized PC is useless without it’s monitor, so I will have to use my main PC until the monitor is fixed.
That reminds me that there’s some other hardware that needs to be checked (eg. PSU in my main PC emits strange sounds at startup).

I’m also trying to fix a Toshiba laptop (in a very bad condition: LCD cracked, touchpad does not work, hard drive going bad, DVD drive dead)
I was asked to reinstall XP, so I used a RIS server (on my Win2003 VM) which formated the HDD. That normally would not be a problem (most PCs I repair are used as DVD or music players, so the data is not important) but it turns out that there was some valuable data in second partition (the drive had 2 partitions) which is now inaccessible. I’m trying to get that data back somehow. The process will take very long time due to a damaged HDD (lots of bad sectors).
This laptop has seen a lot of bad things in it’s life.

That’s all for this time.

P.S.: I usually ask people whether they want me to backup their data, but this time I forgot to do it.