Recently found that some of my programs (in Creations folder have been infected by a Delphi virus (Win32.Induc.a). This virus is harmless, all it does is infect Delphi to add itself to compiled EXEs. The code added infects Delphi installation (up to Delphi 7) when infected EXE is run. It seems that this virus has been in the wild for a while (I’m detecting it in EXEs compiled three months ago) but was discovered only very recently.
I will re-upload disinfected copies of the infected programs now.
Also, more than 50 of my other compiled EXEs had this crap in them.

I was reading about this virus and even found the code it adds to compiled EXEs. Just didn’t think that my own Delphi installation could get infected.

Also, my ISP was complaining about the virus activity in one of my PCs. I found and removed the freakin’ Conficker worm from my secondary PC. The good thing that this worm did not do any additional damage (like disabling Safe Mode) to the OS.
It seems that the worm did not infect any of my other PCs.