After returning from my African holiday (Nov 14-21), the first thing I’m planning to do is to get a new piece of hardware.
No, it’s not an upgrade for my main PC. It’s a DVB-T box with a 160GB hard disk and a USB port which supports flash drives and supports AVI (probably DivX, Xvid and maybe MPEG2), MP3 and JPEG. It also has HDMI port and supports HD channels.
Our ISP sells it for cheap along with their digital TV service. The channel set is similar to that offered by their IPTV service (which I use now).
The good thing is that I can now use this device with my main TV (a good old Panasonic CRT) and leave the IPTV for computer use only. This would allow me to watch anything I want on my PC (instead of having to watch the same channel on both my main TV and my PC) and also this would free up 4.5Mbits of bandwidth when I’m not watching TV (which is a lot of bandwidth for me because my line is just 6Mbit).
The HDD is pretty small’ish but I think it can be upgraded because most of these video recorders and DVB-T boxes use standard PC hard disks (unless there’s a hardware lock like in some Pioneer DVRs).
OK, enough for this post.