I have ordered the parts for my new build.
Parts list:

1. Athlon II x2 240 2.8Ghz CPU (Socket AM3)
2. Radeon HD4670 1GB VGA (Gigabyte)
3. Gigabyte MicroATX board AM2+ (with AM3 support, don’t remember the exact model, this board has AMD chipset)
4. 400W FSP PSU

As you can see, this will be AMD based build (I would prefer Intel and Nvidia instead but AMD parts are cheaper and this is not a high-end build)

I will take out 2x1GB RAM sticks and 2 HDDs from my main PC. For optical, I will either take the LG BD-RE from my main PC or Optiarc DVD-RW from my secondary PC.

This new PC will also need a name.

Will post an update when the parts arrive (or maybe sooner)
That’s all for now.