I’m planning to build a low power (400W maybe) PC which I will use as a File Server, DNS server, Web server, a TV (using IPTV) and a light gaming machine.

I already have a untested P4 CPU (2.4Ghz, Northwood Core 533 FSB) which I’ve salvaged from a dead Gigabyte motherboard (bad capacitors) a while ago. I also have 1GB of DDR2 RAM and I can get another 2GB from my main PC (it won’t need 6GB RAM without VMWare running anyway). I can also get some HDDs from my main PC (it won’t need 2.1TB just to store 10 or so newer games).
I already have the case (original case of my main PC, before I upgraded to Antec 900).

I don’t know if P4 CPU works (don’t have any socket 478 board) and I don’t want to waste money on socket 478 board in case if P4 is bad. So I will probably just get a low power AMD Athlon instead.

I will also need the PSU. I will probably get one of these Delta OEM Chieftecs.
I also think about getting some cheap PCI-E videocard so I can do some light gaming.

These plans are not final yet. I haven’t yet ordered any parts.
But I need to get this system built until the end of the year because electricity prices will rise dramatically (by about 30%) and I already pay too much for the power used by my main PC.

That’s all for now.