It appears that my “news buffer” is finally full.

So let’s start.

First of all, remember that PC I was repairing which had a bad VGA card ?
The owner decided not to repair the PC (probably found someone who will do it for cheaper) so I did not replace/repair anything.

Fortunately, soon after that, I was requested to build and setup a low-mid end PC for Office and light gaming use. They also gave me a non-working old PC to re-use it’s case.
I was also allowed to keep the components from that old PC.
That PC had a dead motherboard (bad capacitors), Athlon 1Ghz CPU (P3 era probably), 256MB of PC133 RAM, a rebranded Codegen 250W PSU (still working, but crappy).

Ok, now about the build.
This build was nearly the same as my new secondary PC build, but without additional VGA card and with a slightly newer CPU (oh, almost forgot a 320GB instead of 500GB HDD):
Gigabyte microatx MB with built-in Radeon HD3100.
2GB DDR2 (Apacer, 1x2GB)
Athlon II x2 250 3.0Ghz (IIRC)
HDD: 320GB Seagate
This new build also had an overheating southbridge problem, but the system was stable. My new secondary PC also has this problem (it was indeed southbridge, not northbridge overheating).
As both PCs are running fine, I will probably leave them as they are.

Also, I’ve got some more (bad) news.
This is probably the last (or one of the last) post published to this Weblog via FTP.
This is because Blogger is cancelling “upload via FTP” service due to… lack of users (less than 5% of users use FTP !). The only thing they offer is moving to “custom domain”, which is not an option for me (don’t want to change host).
I’ve found a workaround though. I will need to create a subdomain of and use the “custom domain” with that.
If I will use this workaround, I will also need to create a new main page for, otherwise my host will block my account as having no real site on it. I will probably use one of those free web or PHP templates (I have tons of them) for this purpose and customize it to my needs.

I just don’t understand why almost nobody uses FTP. Maybe because most users are novice or just don’t use a real hosting service.