Got some free hardware today.
A complete and working P4 class PC. The specs are:
Case: some generic, branded “Magnus”
MB: ECS P4VMM2 (S478)
CPU: Celeron 1.7Ghz
RAM: DDR333 256MB
HDD: Samsung 20GB
VGA: Integrated S3 (there’s an AGP slot, but it’s unused).
PSU: Micase 350W (Not +12V based but has a P4 plug. Has PPFC.)
There’s also some optical drive.
I’ve also got a working Samsung CRT monitor, a keyboard and stereo speakers.

I’ve removed the HDD and re-formated it for later use. I’ve also replaced the CPU with P4 Northwood 2.4Ghz which I had laying around in my hardware collection. Tested, everything worked fine (will need to install XP for further testing).
For VGA, I will remove a Radeon 9200 from my ye olde Celeron 600Mhz (Coppermine) based PC.
Now, I’ll need to get some more RAM as XP is a bit too slow with only 256MB.

OK,I need to go to sleep now. Will continue with that PC tomorrow.