I’m planning to get a USB NAS adapter with some additional features.
It has a built in Print Server, Samba server, FTP server, DHCP server and a BitTorrent client. That’s impressive, for a credit-card sized device ! The price is really good too.

I will probably use this device to host my files on the net via FTP server. This will enable me to save power, as I won’t have to use my secondary PC for file hosting. Now I have to keep the secondary PC on all the time for my files to be available online. That uses a lot of power and increases my electric bill.
This device would also enable me to get rid of my 3rd system (Athlon 2600 based PC with 1 GB RAM and Radeon 9550 Video) and replace it with my current secondary system (Athlon II 240, 2GB RAM, HD4670).

It’s still only a plan though.

P.S.: The NAS device is Addonics NAS2XU2.

P.S. 2: WP 3.0 came out. I will need to update my WP installation someday.