It turned out that the software I wanted to use to redirect IPTV traffic does not work as expected. Some packets are dropped due to insufficient cache size (which is only 64KB) resulting corrupted video. There was an option to change the cache size but it did not work. The version of UDPXY I’m using cannot sustain re-broadcasting a 4.5Mbit/s stream through HTTP without corruption. I need to significantly increase the minimum cache size. This can be done only by recompiling the application. I can recompile UDPXY from the sources on the router directly but I need to install Optware and the development tools. They can only be installed in a SD card or a network share. Because my router does not have an SD card mod, network drive is the only option.
But the problem is that Windows LANMAN Server (the one used to host network shares) drops connections too often, resulting in failed installations.
So far I’ve been able to install Optware, but was not able to successfully install the development tools yet.
In case I won’t find a way to install the dev tools on the router, I guess I’ll have to use Linux running in a VM to cross-compile UDPXY and then upload it to the router.
Will post when I will have more news.