Need to clear my news buffer.

Built and sold a PC.
Too lazy to write full specs, but it’s based on a quad core Athlon 2, 4GB RAM and HD4670 video.

Also got some new hardware:
Bought a new MP3 player (an old stock Sandisk Sansa Fuze) to replace my previous one (also a Sandisk, with a broken dock connector (the cable is fine though)).
Installed Rockbox on it. Everything works fine. Too bad the battery life is kinda low for a new player. Maybe because it’s old stock.
Also bought a Wireless N USB stick. It works fine (even has an antenna). It is a rebranded (TP-LINK) Atheros Wireless N USB stick based on AR9271 chipset.
It works fine but driver installer does not install Atheros wireless extension DLL (athext.dll) which is required for automatic wireless configuration after a system restart.
I have to disable and enable (or unplug and re-plug) the wireless adapter for it to work again after a restart.

Also, got an Acer laptop for repair. Bad video card, a GeForce 8600M GS.
Red stripes in BIOS during boot. Windows boots and runs fine until I install the video card drivers.
After that, in Windows 7 the system freezes on Windows logo while booting, in XP I get a corrupted BSOD after the Windows logo and the system restarts.
The drivers are fine as the system worked fine with the same drivers before.
The good thing that the card is a MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module), so it should be replaceable.
Now I need to find a compatible MXM card to replace the dead card with.

My 8800GTX in my main system also seems to have a potentially bad GPU. But it’s well cooled and is running fine for 3 years already so it should be fine until I decide to upgrade the video card.

That’s all for now.