Bad news from hardware front.

1. One of my hard drives connected to my router NAS (Asus RT-N66U based) had failed. Fortunately, there wasn’t any important data on that drive, and the drive itself already had problems (like not spinning up properly or suddenly disappearing from the system), so failure wasn’t exactly unexpected.

2. The screen of my tablet, Asus T100TA, somehow got cracked (yes, just like my previous tablet, the TF300T) and this, of course, killed the touch digitizer. The repairs will cost me about 160 €. That’s less that buying an used tablet, so I’ve decided to repair mine instead of replacing.

There are some good news also:

I’ve bought a network controlled power socket, the Aviosys IP Power 9255 – Single Port Remote Power Switch.

This little device (which is most likely just a small embedded Linux computer, controlling a relay) will allow me to power cycle the server remotely in case if it crashes again. The device is not cheap (125  €), but, since my server runs public services used by others, I want to avoid downtime as much as possible.

That’s all for now.